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Seventeen-Year-Old Toronto Author Launches Novel at
The Word On The Street

For Immediate Release:

Toronto, September 19, 2012: Toronto teen author Benjamin Gabbay will read from Wingheart: Luminous Rock, the first book in the Wingheart YA fantasy trilogy, on the “This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage” during Open Mic Hour 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., at The Word On The Street Toronto Festival on Sunday, September 23, which is also the author’s 17th birthday.

Book Synopsis: Magnus Wingheart never knew about the world of Arkane. He never knew about the past his older brother, Drake, had kept hidden from him, nor that his parents had died at the hands of an inhuman enemy in a city he had never known to exist. When that enemy resurfaces, sixteen-year-old Magnus, Drake, and their former guardian, Cecil Handel, become ensnared in a deadly hunt for an elusive object they know almost nothing about. Their only escape entails confronting their pursuer—the immortal madman Daimos Recett, the pivotal figure in a grand scheme that arches across the realms of existence and threatens all of Arkane.

Carved with an ever-deepening plot, Wingheart: Luminous Rock weaves magic, technology, and science in an enthralling tapestry that rends the line between fantasy and reality.

Author: Benjamin Gabbay is a young writer in Toronto, Canada. Drawing inspiration from mythology, the supernatural, and intriguing scenes of the everyday world, he loves to fashion meticulous, intricate story lines that infuse a stunning new realism into classic fantasy.

“The richly imagined world of Arkane is the backdrop to the thrilling story of the orphaned Wingheart brothers’ fight to save their homeland from an evil, immortal power. The novel offers suspense, danger, and a cleverly devised system of elemental magic that fantasy readers will relish. Wingheart: Luminous Rock is a captivating introduction to a complex and exciting trilogy.”

~Susan Kernohan, Youth Services Librarian and Co-Chair of Young Voices Magazine, Toronto Public Library

Published by Arkane Books, Toronto, Canada (Sept. 15, 2012), www.winghearttrilogy.com

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