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Wingheart: Luminous Rock

Book One in the Wingheart Trilogy

Magnus Wingheart never knew about the world of Arkane. He never knew about the past his older brother, Drake, had kept hidden from him, nor that his parents had died at the hands of an inhuman enemy in a city he had never known to exist. When that enemy resurfaces, sixteen-year-old Magnus, Drake, and their former guardian, Cecil Handel, become ensnared in a deadly hunt for an elusive object they know almost nothing about. Their only escape entails confronting their pursuer—the immortal madman Daimos Recett, the pivotal figure in a grand scheme that arches across the realms of existence and threatens all of Arkane.

Carved with an ever-deepening plot, Wingheart: Luminous Rock weaves magic, technology, and science in an enthralling tapestry that shatters the barrier between fantasy and reality.

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Wingheart: Spirit's Gate

Book Two in the Wingheart Trilogy

Two years after the fall of Daimos empire, the Arkane province of Serenia has been restored to its former glory. But below the surface, its enemies are far from idle.

Plans are fast underway for the New Order cult to call their allegedly undead master, Sennair Drakathel, back from the grave—plans, orchestrated by the ghost of Sennair himself, that would see the rebirth of an unconquerable army and the ruin of all Arkane.

Once again, Cecil Handel and the Wingheart brothers, Magnus and Drake, are forced into the role of the opposition. Alongside a criminal mastermind with mysterious intentions and the unscrupulous creature who murdered the Winghearts mother, they become embroiled in a web of intrigue where they can never be certain whether they are working to thwart or advance the Order's plans.

Lives, loyalties, and minds will crumble until Arkane's greatest conspiracy is seen to its conclusion, for good or for ill.

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Wingheart: Sword of Caligus

Book Three in the Wingheart Trilogy


Arkane history tells of the medieval tyrant Sennair Drakathel of his army of spectral monstrosities; of his immortality as a lich; of how his cult, the New Order, came to conquer more than half of the known world; of how he lives on, imprisoned below the mortal realm.

Now, by the efforts of the Order's living followers and the folly of a conniving summoner, Sennair Drakathel is freed to walk the earth of Arkane. When he threatens to dominate civilization with his invincible army once again, everyone, from Arkane's noblest defenders to the Order's own former allies, must rise in opposition. But as they soon discover, Sennair's greatest defense is the shroud of lies he has spun to hide his true past—lies that run as deep as the origins of magic and the identity behind the most fearsome name in Arkane legend.

Wingheart: Sword of Caligus is the epic conclusion to the Wingheart trilogy.

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Maps of Arkane

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From the Author

In writing the Wingheart trilogy, I set out to spin a story that did not just employ the themes commonly associated with the fantasy genre, but that affirmed their reality. Quite like the protagonist in book one, Magnus, I refused to accept that magical objects have special capabilities simply because they are magical, or that an alternate world exists without origin, purpose, or definitive location. Stubbornly seeking explanations for the things that are often taken for granted in fantasy and fiction, I strove to invent plausible scientific frameworks for everything from the conjuring of magic to how spirits interact with—and sometimes cleverly manipulate—those in the mortal realm.

The story revolves around the world of Arkane, one of Earth’s parallel dimensions—a concept not foreign to current scientific theory.  With its society, culture, and technology built on a meticulously devised system of elemental magic, Arkane is a highly advanced world unlike any other. When it becomes the stage for a battle against a madman obsessed with the rebirth of a medieval empire, the result is a uniquely colorful juxtaposition of castle dungeons and clockwork revolvers.

Wingheart is a story that mixes the best of the fantasy genres—it is contemporary without being cliché; it is epic without being a trite tale of a medieval war between elves and trolls. Luminous Rock’s  heroes are as ordinary as can be, not favored by any prophecy or gifted with any special powers beyond courage, ingenuity, and determination.

In its entirety, the planned Wingheart trilogy is a chronicle spun across three novels that each interweave with, and build on, the next. It is the tale of a struggle against an indomitable enemy grown from the simplest seeds of human greed and fear, yet with roots that span millennia, reaching the dawn of Arkane civilization and the origins of magic.

Fantastical wishes,

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”
               ~ John Lennon





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