Praise for Wingheart: Spirit's Gate

"Benjamin Gabbay has done it again—ruined perfectly good vacation days by keeping me on the edge of my seat page by page, chapter by chapter. I don’t know how he creates a completely new world parallel to earth without our feeling as if it weren’t really there. I can easily imagine myself in Arkane. I can imagine talking with the characters over a meal and being intrigued by the winged female character as if she were real. Tie the setting to a gripping story that keeps you up far too late at night and you know you have a winner. As a non-fiction author, I spend my life researching and writing books to help people learn knowledge and skills. So it is no surprise that I do not typically enjoy fantasy books. The Harry Potter series changed that for me and now Wingheart accomplishes the same thing. I hope I live long enough to read Gabbay’s books for decades to come. This one is certainly worth it."

~ Harry van Bommel, author of more than 50 books
including Family Hospice Care and Caring for Loved Ones at Home


Praise for Wingheart: Luminous Rock

"The richly imagined world of Arkane is the backdrop to the thrilling story of the orphaned Wingheart brothers’ fight to save their homeland from an evil, immortal power. The novel offers suspense, danger, and a cleverly devised system of elemental magic that fantasy readers will relish. Wingheart: Luminous Rock is a captivating introduction to a complex and exciting trilogy."

~ Susan Kernohan, Youth Services Librarian
and Co-Chair of Young Voices Magazine, Toronto Public Library

"I marvel at the imaginative sweep that Benjamin Gabbay has brought to this exciting story, written with a disciplined but ever engaging structure and made all the more enthralling by his mature writing skills. It is a fantastic tale well told and one with profound underpinnings. I have no doubt it will find a devouring and devoted readership."

~ Mark W. Finnan, Author, Actor, Playwright
Peterborough, Ontario |

"Wingheart: Luminous Rock is a gripping, fabulous tale masterfully told by Benjamin Gabbay, an author whose talent belies his youth. In the story, sixteen-year-old Magnus Wingheart, who happens to be the same age as the author, and his older brother, Drake, find themselves drawn into a fantastical world of magic, mystery, and supernatural characters that spills into the boys’ real world. Benjamin’s fertile imagination and deft use of language pull the reader into the strange world of this enthralling tale, and make it impossible to put down. "

~ Andrea Lemieux, former associate director at CBC Television, Toronto

"Benjamin Gabbay, a young Toronto author, writes in a mature style that affirms his profound knowledge of the English language. His thought processes make the plot intricate, engaging the reader throughout. Wingheart: Luminous Rock, his first novel, suggests immense talent, and marks the beginning of a career yet to unfold. I look forward to the rest of the trilogy from this gifted local author."

~ Barbara Bloom, B.A., Retired Teacher, Toronto District School Board

"I'm a big fan of YA fiction and I found this book marvelously engaging.  This young new talent has a lot to offer readers of fantasy. Don't miss this remarkable, white-knuckle adventure that keeps you reading late into the night. I can't wait for the next installment in the trilogy. A mythic epic it promises to be."

~ Voula Kraniou, Toronto



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