About the riddle:
Each level and each puzzle is unique. Thus, this is not a game where there is a single style of puzzle with increasing difficulty. Each level must be tackled from a different perspective. These puzzles are largely logic-based and do not require math, trivial knowledge, technical computer/software knowledge, etc. Since there is no option to resume playing the riddle from where you left off, it is suggested that you bookmark each level as you reach it.

Methods for finding hints and hidden text:
If a level contains a hint for solving its puzzle (it doesn't always), it can most often be found in the title of the web page, which will likely be written on the page tab in your browser navigation bar. See below for an example of a page title in Google Chrome:

Each level is modeled on a different chapter from the book Wingheart:Luminous Rock (although the number of that chapter does not necessarily correspond with the level number). All text featured in the riddle is excerpted from the book, however, no knowledge of the book is required to solve any puzzle. The book excerpts are included simply to create a scene and to add flavor to the puzzle. Never more than a sentence is given at first glance, but more text can always be uncovered by highlighting the areas underneath it, either with your cursor or with "Select All" (Ctrl/Command + A). See screenshots below:

Extra text may also be concealed in the page's source code. The source code is the HTML coding behind a web page, and it can be accessed be right-clicking on any empty area of the page and selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down menu. See screenshot:

If you can sift through the irrelevant coding, exploring the source code will usually reveal all the hidden text within a level, including that under the level image (see above).

Inputting your answer:
Once you believe you've solved the puzzle and you have your answer, type it into the answer box at the bottom of the page (see screenshot below). The answer will always be a single English word (not case-sensitive).

A big thank-you to my friend Gustavo Chicato for supplying the coding for the answer box.

Completion and rewards:
Wingheart Riddle currently has 5 levels. More will be added in future. The reward for completing level 5 is a pair of Wingheart-themed desktop wallpapers, which you can preview below.

Good luck and have fun!
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